GoCar WebApp: Ultimate Vehicle Rental Management Solution

logiciel de gestion de location de voiture

For several years the vehicle rental software Gocar.ma has been the reference in the field of digital transformation of vehicle rental professionals in Morocco.
With our experience, we are aware of the constraints and problems of this very competitive and constantly evolving sector.


This solution allows a real optimization of the rental activity by intervening in all aspects of the business. From controlling your costs to the satisfaction of your customers through the management of your fleet, you will find in Gocar.MA a tool adapted to the challenges of your sector.
In order to get you up to speed quickly and intuitively, Gocar.MA has been ergonomically designed and configurable to suit your needs.


1- Interface configuration by user profile
2- Multi-media, computer, tablet and smartphone
3- Optimization of deployment time
4- Communicating solution with your existing tools
5- Web solution accessible from a browser

Features of the Gocar.ma vehicle rental software

Short and medium term rental Gocar.ma vehicle rental software allows you to manage your short and medium term rental activities (quotes, reservations, contracts and invoices), in particular through an ergonomic and intuitive rental schedule. The solution offers a quick and guided input tool for the creation of quotes, reservations and contracts. Detailed rate management and the use of a rate query tool will allow you to adjust your rate policy quickly and efficiently.


– Long term rental

The Gocar.ma long-term rental software allows flexible and precise management of your long-term rental activity. Complete management of your files, long-term contracts and riders, web client space, management of client and vehicle budgets, quotation tools … This module offers you all the tools you need to manage a long-term rental activity, regardless of the number of vehicles that make up your fleet.

– Dynamic planning


Gocar.ma’s rental schedule is unanimous among its users: flexible and responsive, it allows direct viewing of reservations, contracts, invoices, alerts and unproductive movements. Its ease of handling allows a significant saving of time and an easier optimization of the fleet. The schedule is designed to manage a single agency as well as a multi-agency rental company with the same efficiency.

– Park monitoring


The Gocar.ma vehicle rental software allows you to rigorously and regularly monitor your fleet. The monitoring and management of your fleet are decisive elements that directly impact the profitability of your activity. That’s why all the tools you need to keep your fleet healthy are in the solution. Claims management, inventory, automatic alerts, purchasing management and mileage control are all features that will allow you to monitor the fleet as much as possible. You also have access to a real profitability report vehicle by vehicle.

– Decision-making tools


Gocar.ma, in addition to positioning itself as an ally of choice in the management of your daily activity, also supports you in the management of the latter. The solution offers a wide range of customizable analysis centers and reports that give you access to a large number of detailed data and analysis about your business. The provision of a large number of key indicators is made possible by a complete configuration and the possibility of exporting all the statistics provided by the solution.

– Accounting


The Gocar.ma vehicle rental management solution integrates complete accounting management while respecting the standards and laws in force.

– Web Services


Online reservations, consultation of a web customer area or the sale of used vehicles are services that allow you to increase the visibility of your offer and the wealth of services offered to your customers. The Web Services allow your website to work synchronously with the Gocar.ma vehicle rental software.

– Dialogue with your existing tools


The GOCAR.ma vehicle rental software can be integrated into an already existing IT environment. It is possible to set up exchanges with your tools already in place in order to ensure perfect integration of our ERP into your existing IS.

Anywhere, anytime, from any medium

GoCar WebApp is a multi-device vehicle rental software accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Connection to GoCar WebApp is made from a simple internet browser, which allows its users to connect to their tool anywhere and at any time as long as they have access to an internet connection

The most customizable car rental software on the market

It is possible to configure the interface of the GoCar WebApp solution according to its user. Thus, a counter agent will be able to have access to an interface adapted to his functions which will allow him to be faster and more efficient in his daily tasks. Accountant, park manager, director, manager, will all be able to have access to an interface which is specific to them and which corresponds to their functions and their expectations.

A lasting and personalized relationship

When a rental company decides to trust the GoCar WebApp vehicle rental software, one of our Project Manager takes charge of his file.
It is this same interlocutor who will support you in setting up and customizing the solution according to your needs. It will also take charge of the training which takes place on site, in our premises or remotely. Once the implementation is complete, you can call on your dedicated Project Manager for any need for development or assistance with the solution.
This proximity to each of the users is a significant asset in the relationship we have with our partners. This allows us to offer any type of structure a responsive service, personalized and adapted to its activity.


Improve your daily life with your vehicle rental software
It is by offering an ergonomic, configurable and reliable vehicle rental software that we can support any type of structure, regardless of its size and activity, in order to significantly improve the management of its activity and its profitability.

GoCar WebApp takes into account the specificities of your activity, your environment and each of its users in order to allow an optimal implementation in your organization and your current system.
The possibility for a new user to quickly take charge of and master the solution translates into considerable time savings for the training of new employees. The proper use of this tool by your teams will result in time and performance savings that will benefit your business and your customers.


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