10 problematic situations that Gocar.ma can resolve

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Here is a list of 10 problematic situations that the use of Gocar.ma software can resolve or even prevent.

1- “I have a discrepancy between my computerized vehicle fleet and my actual fleet.”

This issue can be explained in several ways: either you forgot to close a contract, a client has not returned the vehicle by the originally agreed return date, or an unrecorded movement.

A software solution can provide you with monitoring of your expired documents. You have access to a list of contracts that are overdue. It’s up to you to determine why these contracts are overdue in order to rectify the situation with your fleet. Thus, comparing your actual fleet to the computerized fleet can help detect unrecorded or unclosed movements.

2- “Vehicle breakdowns are a major source of dissatisfaction for my clients.”

Some breakdowns can be avoided, while others cannot. To prevent avoidable breakdowns, a rigorous maintenance and servicing follow-up for vehicles is necessary. A suitable software allows you to schedule comprehensive vehicle maintenance plans that trigger alerts based on calendar or mileage milestones, with the option to restrict vehicle usage depending on the nature of the required maintenance.

This significantly reduces the risk of renting out a vehicle that is likely to break down. For unavoidable breakdowns, providing responsive and efficient customer service to arrange a replacement vehicle is crucial. Effective software enables quick identification of an available replacement vehicle from your fleet that meets the customer’s needs. The software can also seamlessly transition the rental contract to the replacement vehicle, considering the mileage accrued with the disabled vehicle.

3- “I struggle to implement a coherent pricing policy.”

An appropriate software solution enables you to create comprehensive pricing grids. You can configure rates based on various criteria: customer type (business, individual, account holder, etc.), vehicle type, date (low season / high season management), rental duration, and more. Effective software allows you to configure numerous rates, ensuring you always apply the right rate for each customer. The software also lets you apply controls and restrictions to manage rate usage by staff.

4- “My clients complain about waiting time at the counter.”

During peak periods, customers may experience longer wait times to collect their vehicles. An ergonomic software that adapts to users can streamline counter agents’ processes, allowing them to complete a rental contract or reservation in under 2 minutes for new customers, and under 1 minute for returning clients. In contrast, manually drafting a contract or using an ill-suited digital tool takes several minutes per customer, which can accumulate significantly with waiting customers.

5- “I struggle to implement an effective customer follow-up to foster loyalty.”

With over 3,700 car rental agencies in Morocco and the rise of low-cost providers, customer loyalty is a critical concern. A rental management software tailored to your business provides a detailed history of each customer’s rentals. Moreover, synchronization with a dedicated CRM allows for detailed tracking of interactions with customers, scheduling actions, and generating targeted marketing campaigns based on various criteria. Some software even includes an SMS module for automated loyalty actions (promotions, free upgrades).

6- “The vehicle return process is time-consuming.”

Vehicle returns can be time-consuming and cumbersome, costing you time and potentially frustrating your customers. Using a tablet application for vehicle returns offers significant time savings. This application syncs directly with your rental management software, enabling efficient vehicle return processes (fuel, mileage, condition) where customers sign off on the tablet, and invoices are directly sent via email. This simplifies vehicle returns, making them faster and minimizing customer wait times.

7- “I spend time manually re-entering reservations from my website into the rental management software.”

Effective software seamlessly synchronizes with your online reservation interface, providing real-time availability of vehicles for requested dates to online users. Confirmed reservations are directly integrated into your software’s schedule. This ensures that you only receive reservations that your fleet can accommodate, eliminating the need for manual re-entry.

8- “I encounter difficulties in managing and tracking unpaid balances.”

Every company eventually faces the task of debt collection. Comprehensive rental management software offers tools for improved customer balance management. For instance, you can set up alerts or blocks and generate lists of customers with outstanding balances. Additionally, you can configure multi-level reminder letters to send to debtors.

9- “I lack indicators to assist in decision-making.”

An adapted car rental management software offers detailed statistics about your business activities. You can configure statistical models that provide relevant insights to shape your strategy. For example, you can analyze which vehicle category was most profitable over the past year to inform fleet renewal decisions. Advanced analyses can calculate profitability based on mileage and average vehicle age, offering numerous possibilities.

10- Rental management software, the 10th problem

While rental management software can solve many issues, it can sometimes become an issue itself. Some software, unlike Gocar.ma, is overly complex, resulting in prolonged deployment times within your company. Moreover, software with a steep learning curve can require your employees to invest significant time in adaptation, resulting in reduced efficiency.

To ensure that vehicle rental management software serves as an ally rather than an obstacle to your business growth, take your time when selecting one. Compare various solutions on the market, focusing on features and usability. Pay special attention to the support services accompanying software usage.

Behind any software, there’s always a developer and a team dedicated to ensuring proper development and usage of the tool.

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