Drive your car rental  company into the digital age

We optimize your operating costs by reducing rental management time by 65%
Digital solutions that can be integrated between Gocar and your website, ?choose the modules you want to operate with. ??
Use keyless technology, make your rentals a fast process, ?and paperless through our car rental software.
Your brand.
Your customers.
New digital booking channel
Digital Check-in
Vehicle Inspection vidéos Photos

Validate the authenticity of identity documents through digital license verification, using biometric identification.
Move to the paperless era and offer digital contracts. ?Decrease up to 60% of time spent at the counter.

Your users will be able to report the condition and, in case they do have, the damages of your vehicles through a guided video, as well as the mileage and fuel level at each check-in and check-out.?Optimize between reservation times, reduce costs and disputes.

White Label App
Increase retention by 30%.?Reduce your brokerage costs ??Through a car rental application users can register, validate their documents, sign the contract and book services, also inspect and unlock the vehicle.?White label app with a customizable interface in language, logos, colors, and much more.

Use our reservation management system. “Self-service rental first.
”You will be able to scale your business in a much more agile way, open new locations without setting up offices, monetize any vehicles in different modalities; from minutes to monthly subscriptions.

In addition, we have the first solution on the market for the management of recharging points for rent-a-cars… Doubts? We will be happy to advise you in the process of electrification of your fleet.
Detailed reporting on business metrics to improve ?your car rental strategy and operational efficiency Efficiency
Optimize your fleet with real-time data, mathematical models, and detailed reports.
Users, vehicles, billing… set the alerts you want to monitor and where you want to receive them.
Financial Metrics
Revenue per transaction day (RPD), costs and margin per unit and month, and much more.?Everything for the projection of your business.
Occupancy Rate
Explore the percentage of utilization for different periods, vehicle types, and location.

Don’t get left behind in the digital revolution

Booking Engine
Transform mobility towards more sustainable models.
Sustainable value in our work is something that moves us every day, the perspective of mobility on demand, communication and connection between mobility platforms and users.?We want to connect people, places and experiences, promoting more intelligent and livable cities.
Our Horizon
The mobility of the future will be sustainable, connected, autonomous and shared.?This is the future we imagine, being part of this wheel of life, advancing with it through our dreams and technology so that it never stops turning.?We work to connect worked API with GDS Booking Cars renlrals Kayak and Exprdia cars to a intelligent mobility. ??Our race, our horizon, is to follow?integrating technology for the cities of the future.??

We use technology to expand our clients’ service offerings, simplify their operation, and design more agile, attractive and ecological models, driving the transformation to a new world.
“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. ?Peter Drucker
We take advantage of experience, maximize our resources, and act wisely to achieve the benefit of our entire ecosystem. We are not satisfied with just doing well, we feel proud every time we can surprise and exceed expectations.

Respect and Trust
We keep our promises and we are committed to long-term relationships.??We take care of the times and the ways to guarantee the satisfaction of all the parts involved.  We match their interests and needs with our resources in order to create value.
We live in a constant search for balance.?We are committed to economic growth, increased quality of life and social welfare, through a more collaborative and environmentally responsible model.

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